Speculating Canada Reviews Darwin’s Paradox

fractal Speculating Canada Reviews Darwins ParadoxPatient Zero and the Post-Human

Derek Newman-Stille of Speculating Canada reviews Nina Munteanu’s science fiction ecological thriller Darwin’s Paradox (Dragon Moon Press, 2007).

In Darwin’s Paradox Nina Munteanu displays her awareness of scientific discourse: focussing on areas like chaos theory, biological theories of co-evolution, symbiosis and virology, and ecological theories. Her protagonist, Julie, is patient zero in a spreading epidemic that has infected most of modern civilisation…

Munteanu’s plot is full of family secrets, the hidden past, and the resurfacing of guilt (particularly Julie’s guilt about being patient zero in the spreading viral apocalypse)…

Media plays an important role in Munteanu’s vision of the future, illustrating the continuance of the media hegemony for defining the nature of “truth” as media messages replace facts and political leaders manipulate the media system to enforce their own controls over society and further embed their interests into the developing social system… In Munteanu’s vision of the future, it is impossible to trust anyone completely and layers within layers of plot are illustrated…

Munteanu raises questions and challenges the development of society’s current systems, asking her readers to think critically about messages they are given and to question everything. She illustrates that the truth is socially constructed and that ideas of the truth serve social purposes and can be used to support hidden agendas.

You can read the full review in Speculating Canada here.

A devastating disease. A world on the brink of violent change. And one woman who can save it or destroy it all. Julie Crane must confront the will of the ambitious virus lurking inside her to fulfill her final destiny as Darwin’s Paradox, the key to the evolution of an entire civilization. Darwin s Paradox is a novel about a woman s fierce love and her courageous journey toward forgiveness, trust, and letting go to the tide of her heart.

You can purchase Darwin’s Paradox on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters and other quality book stories near you. You can also purchase the book from the publisher’s website Dragon Moon Press here.

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