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Darwin’s Paradox Reviewed by Soulless Machine

 Darwins Paradox Reviewed by Soulless Machine

Aaron Wilson, book and story reviewer at the Soulless Machine, recently did an in-depth review of Nina’s science fiction eco-thriller, Darwin’s Paradox by Dragon Moon Press.
Munteanu’s idea of how humanity will evolve to be able to communicate with machines is a deeply fascinating one,” said Wilson. “Munteanu’s prose is tightly woven and written without apologies for the complex language and scientific terms that are bounced around, which is refreshing. She assumes a smart reader, a reader not afraid to pick up a dictionary, or at least flip to the back of the book to see she included it in her glossary of terms. I palienworldwnebula Darwins Paradox Reviewed by Soulless Machinearticularly enjoyed the in depth discussion of Chaos Theory and how it played out in the plot.”
Wilson ended with, “if you are interested in the evolution of the Human and AI, then this is a must for your collection.”
Go here for his review in its entirety. You may also wish to read his insightful reviews of some of Nina’s short stories (Butterfly in Peking, Julia’s Gift, and Virtually Yours).
The Soulless Machine is an excellent site for reading well-written reviews of the story, whether long or short. As his mission statement attests, Wilson is dedicated …to70virginisbandmoon Darwins Paradox Reviewed by Soulless Machine keep the short story alive. For instance, his latest post reviews a collection of short stories by William R. Potter called Lighting the Dark Side. Wilson also posts a good list of online short story sites (mostly science fiction) and websites of interest, as well as a good selection of what he calls “bookish blogs”.
Says Nina, “There aren’t too many sites that devote themselves with such dedication to missing link pet supplements
reviewing the short story form; partly because this form, sadly, isn't as popular with readers. The irony is that this form is often the most interesting, unique and sharply compelling ... skating the edge of mainstream with new ideas, sometimes outrageous, always diverting. I thank Aaron on behalf of all short story authors for his attention to this form
For a look at his publications, go here.

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